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 Roleplaying Help & Rules

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Originally posted by Skaara Dreadlocks back on the old forum:

1: You can't control other characters for an inch. For example, if your character bragged about how many Demons he had slayed, you can not write that "Their jaws dropped and their eyes widened and they were very impressed". If your character talks to the other character(s), you will have to wait for the other member to post his character's reply. Same goes with actions, even something as simple as trying to give the character something or shaking hands. That's why most of us roleplay a lot more thinking than talking and acting. The roleplay is very based on the characters' mind: Feelings, thoughts and the like.

2: Don't exaggerate. We do exaggerate the roleplay a bit; we have an arsenal of unusual equippment that seems unrealistic to exist in the Metro, but we do limit it. We don't walk around with RPGs or Chainguns or Exoskeletons. We have in fact killed a lot of mutants, nazis and bandits, and we are getting very far without dying. But I also have to mention how some characters have died throughout the roleplay in dramatic ways. (Usually as they've left the roleplay, while some few have gotten a new character in replacement).
3: You're allowed to control any character that doesn't belong to anyone else. For example, you could describe what an enemy does on the open battlefield, or how a mutant is running towards you. You can of course make those other characters of yours talk. They can for example be a friend of your character that we run into in a station. You're allowed to make the characters that you control engage our characters. Take for example that you make a mutant jump towards my main character. Just like you'd have to wait for me to answer if you talked to me, you'd also have to wait for me to either get pushed down by the mutant, or simply shoot it and/or dodge out of the way. You'll learn all of this on the way, and we do always forgive mistakes
4: Your character could be anything you want. It's not strict. His/her backstory can be anything you'd like, and your character can indeed start off with heavy weaponry and equippment. It's not like you have to earn your way to things like that. It's very free and open. But you should know where to limit is. Look at the descriptions of our characters in the Character-Thread for inspiration and seeing where the limit is. If you go over the limit, the "Roleplay council" will just have a discussion wether to allow it or not. But as you might've figured, the limit is very far up, and you'd have to be very wanna-be badass to exceed that limit
5: We do missions. There's almost always a character who has some deed that he/she needs done in the metro. As we are a group of rangers who survives by doing these "missions", we wilfully join them. When you want to join the roleplay, you will have to join our group. You can do some lone-roleplaying in another station(s), which describes what your character was doing before he met us and/or how he met us. Or you can just randomly run into us out of nowhere, but an improvised introduction and first-impression is always a good pluss
And we're not always like "Hell yeah, let's do it!". The group always takes their time to discuss the situation and how to deal with it. Someone might agree and someone might disagree. It's not just about doing, but also how we do it and why we do it. If your character ever wishes to join the group on these missions, the group will usually discuss wether to let you in or not. This depends a lot on the situation, and the situation is often tense. Although we most likely will let your character join us, there's a slight chance that we might not. We have in fact turned down one or two characters before by saying "No". If that should happen, which I doubt, that doesn't mean that you, as a member, isn't allowed to keep trying to join the group. You can retry with the same character, or make a new one. All members are always welcome to join. It is when it gets to the character that it really counts and matters.
One last note: During slow-paced and relaxed roleplaying like taking a break at a station or any other safe-spot, there'll usually be a lot of time between each post. It might sometimes even take us weeks In Real Life to make our characters keep moving. But when we are in the middle of the hottest firefights, it can go as far as three pages or more in a day.

NEW ADDITION #1: If you do want to join the roleplay, you will need to dedicate some of your time to it. Posting once or twice a week is definitely not enough. Your character has to be present in the roleplay, and not just a background-character. The main characters are everyone in the group. We do not carry "Dead weight". There is no way to define exactly how often you should post, as the limit can be stretched out or tightened in, regarding the situation that the group is in. If the majority of the participants in the roleplay (Or just me), agrees that you aren't posting enough, we'll let you know about it and try to motivate you to post more often. If you're not able to post more often than that, there's a possibility that you'll have to make your character get separated from the group. If you can't even do that, then we will simply have to do it for you. We can make your character stay behind when passing through a station out of his own free will or not, and in the worst case, we can have him Missed In Action or killed, depending on the situation that the group is in.
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Roleplaying Help & Rules
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