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 Ranger helmet 3DS Max model file

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Ranger helmet 3DS Max model file Empty
PostSubject: Ranger helmet 3DS Max model file   Ranger helmet 3DS Max model file EmptyWed May 31, 2017 7:50 am

This was one of the most viewed threads on the old forums and I kept receiving requests for the file every other day for two and a half years now.

Might as well revive it here.

The link to the file can be found here: [CLICK ME!]

The file itself looks like this:

Ranger helmet 3DS Max model file Lo1tvnr

Original post was by Rapid99 who requested a 3D model of the ranger helmet for cosplay purposes:

Rapid99 wrote:
Hi, everyone Smile

I'm currently in the midst of assembling a Ranger cosplay for PAX East 2015, and I plan on building a Ranger's helmet for it. However, I need to get my hands on a model of the helmet that I can use in 3DS max (or even the full Ranger model file, and then I can just cut the helmet off)

I have managed to get as far as to unpack all of the models from the .vfs0 file, but the models themselves are .MODEL and .MESH files, which aren't native or supported by 3DS Max (or much else, as far as I know)
I was only able to find one alleged program online that claims to be able to convert these model files into .3DS files, however, whenever I tried to load files into the program, it freezes up and crashes while trying to load the mesh... so, that is a dead end Frown

I've also tried using NinjaRipper to just rip everything at once, as an act of desperation... but, alas, in my attempts to do this, my game crashes each time x.x

So, i'm stuck... if anyone can help me out here, it would be greatly appreciated...

And for the sake of clarification, i'm talking about the custom Ranger's helmet, with full CBRN faceplate, such as:

Ranger helmet 3DS Max model file ArtyomLastLightCestLaVie

I do NOT mean the ZSH-1, K6-3, or MASKA helmets...

Thanks Smile

Ranger helmet 3DS Max model file LJZuJ6w
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Ranger helmet 3DS Max model file
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