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 Official Rules & Regulations

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Official Rules & Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Official Rules & Regulations   Official Rules & Regulations EmptyTue Apr 25, 2017 11:34 pm

The new updated good old rules & regulations of the Last Light Forum D-6 Underground:
Play nice
Let's try to keep a friendly atmosphere on this forum. We forbid harassing other members, especially if it’s due to their background or some other factors that they are born and raised with – we never tolerate racism. It is understandable that discussions can sometimes get heated and we will not ban you for using an aggressive tone. Swearing is also tolerated as a normal feature of speech as long as you do not direct it at another user to offend them. However, if things get out of hand and you start insulting each other, we will step in and assess the infraction. If you have problems with someone, keep it to PMs – that means no publicly attacking, abusing, or generally being a jerk to other members. Though if you harass someone privately and the victim reports it, we will investigate it. Flaming and trolling fall under this rule and they are equally unwelcome.
Potential penalty: varies from a warning or temporary ban to a permanent ban.
Don’t spam
This should go without saying. Nobody likes spammers. As this forum grew over the years since its creation, the number of spammers it attracts has also grown. We do our best to remove any spam that is posted, plus we have implemented a number of necessary restrictions for new users to prevent more of the trash littering our forum (these restrictions, such as not being able to post links, are a brief inconvenience for proper users that will disappear after 15 posts have been made). If we see a new thread that was posted in the wrong part of the forum and contains obvious advertising messages with links scattered all over it, usually made by a new user who has links to businesses on their profile page, then we will delete all of the spam content and permanently ban the offender.
Potential penalty: most often a permanent ban for spambots.
Try to stay on-topic
Going slightly off-topic is nothing out of the ordinary for everyday conversations and the same regularly happens on forums. Nevertheless, it is best if threads retain their original purpose. Going off-topic for one or two posts is nothing serious, but if you plan to discuss an issue that is larger than the original subject then please simply create a new thread for it. That way interesting new dialogues can continue without killing the old ones. If you realise how far off-topic you went only many posts after it happened, then it is not too late as our moderators can move posts to create new threads. People generally don’t go off-topic purposefully so most of the time we do not treat this as a grave offence. On the other hand, if you hijack someone’s thread deliberately then we may punish you, especially if your motive is to use it for spam, advertising, trolling or harassment. Posting threads in the wrong section is something we frown upon too.
Potential penalty: most often a warning.
Don’t advertise
There is nothing wrong with sharing information about a game, book, album or even a crowdfunded project that you personally find interesting and would like to see more people support – as long as the thread or comment about this is posted in the appropriate part of the forum. Conversely, if it is quite clear that you are sharing something that benefits you financially, then it becomes obvious that you are advertising for your personal gain and other members may find it distasteful. Therefore advertising is not allowed unless it's discussed with the forum admins and an agreement is made. If not, the topic/post will be deleted and will result in the appropriate course of action taken against you. Advertising is often combined with spamming, which we dislike even more.
Potential penalty: varies from a warning or temporary ban to a permanent ban.
Be considerate
Always respect other members of the forum. Remember that some of us may be using older computers or weaker internet connections, so please use spoiler tags when posting images that are large. Moreover, whether it is a picture or a bit of text, if it contains story spoilers for a game, book or movie then please place it in spoiler tags as well (preferably with a warning to accompany it). Furthermore, if your post contains media (links, images or video) that may be shocking or disturbing for some users due to their age or sensitivity (be it nudity or gore/violence), then you must also warn others and use spoiler tags to conceal it. If we catch you spamming inappropriate images then you are breaking two rules at the same time and the punishment will be more severe.
Potential penalty: varies from a warning to a temporary ban.
We are normally quite relaxed and try not to take things too seriously on this forum, so you will probably have a great time with us… but if you plan on abusing our patience and habitually break the rules or make life a pain in the ass for others, then we will take the mighty banhammer and use THA POWAH to smash you into smithereens. :p

This thread will be updated when necessary and users will be notified of any changes made.
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Official Rules & Regulations
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